This is because « corrective » measures (whether the amount of damages or the description of the work performed) are often handled by surveyors who issue retrospective distinctions. If a new party fence wall is built, the two owners share the costs. However, if this wall is built on your land, then all costs fall on you and it becomes your property, so that your neighbor has no right to it. If a party wall agreement is granted, but you do not like the terms, you can file an appeal with the regional court within 14 days of the release of the agreement. It`s worth remembering that calls focus on points of law, so if your dispute is related to something you don`t like, you`re probably not going to go far with the process. They are also a terribly expensive business, so it`s worth talking to a lawyer so they don`t rush too fast. It can be very, very quickly important. There is no escape from repairing the damage caused by your works. The courts are angry at those who have ignored the need for communication. Bailiffs can be used to recover any expenses you have incurred. Second and more common scenario is when the neighbor has started or finished working and has not been officially informed of you or, therefore, no indicator has been named. However, if you comply with the law, you cannot prevent the work from continuing or deny you access to their property to carry out the work.

We also discussed the basics of party walls in another advisory article, so if you haven`t read it yet, we recommend you start there! We told our neighbours two months ago that a rear support had been built. They objected and appointed a party surveyor, but they will not let the surveyor in their home be measured because of coronavirus, even with strict social segregation measures. We had now allowed planning and we don`t know what to do, we don`t have a kitchen or hot water until work can begin. The communication of use can be made free of charge, with appropriate standard forms or by a surveyor for the holidays for a flat fee. A confirmation letter for the neighbour is usually included. A good holiday wall wants to maintain, or even improve, neighbourhood relations before, during and after construction.