I`ve been tracking my numbers since the billboards were published and today I went from big (green) to yellow and as you can see, not much has really changed ?!? And why is my recon greater than my overall agreement? Perhaps, if there are only a few people I might be inclined to consider this, but I`ve also seen someone with 75% chords in the reds, the rating is more weighted to recent evaluations, so the influx of new reviews has strongly distorted any assessment and it`s a common theme that many people go from green to red. If you live in the United States or any other jurisdiction that allows you to accept arbitration, you and Niantic agree that all disputes should be resolved through binding arbitration, except that each party retains the right: (a) to bring an individual action before a small claims court and (b) to seek, through non-compliance or other fair remedies before a competent court, the infringement, embezzlement or infringement of copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights (the act described in this clause). Notwithstanding this arbitration agreement, Niantic reserves the right to bring an action against you before a competent court in order to put an end to deliberate or intentional abuse or abuse (for example. B, piracy or falsification of the place) of its products, products and services and/or claim damages. I think it`s an absolute joke that she has a great agree record, but she`s at the end in the red numbers. With respect to property and heritage damage caused by a slight negligence of one of the contracting parties, its representatives or auxiliaries, that party is liable only in the event of a breach of a basic contractual obligation, but limited to the foreseeable amount at the date of the contract and foreseeable given the nature of the contract (predictable and contractual injury obligation) taking into account the nature of the contract. The essential tasks of the contract are the obligations whose performance allows the correct execution of an agreement and on the respect that the parties can count on regularly and on which they can rely regularly. 68% agree rate in an area with 6 month queues much higher if the local delay to clear, 8,000 reviews since May, still great since day 3 of the check, but the evaluation fell from great to well last night then wake up and its poor and tell me to repeat a test to reset it… What if you have more to Pokémon go than Farfarer? Wayfarer – 1895 PoGo – 2032 These terms and conditions represent the understanding and agreement between you and Niantic regarding services and content, and these conditions replace all previous agreements or agreements, written or written, between you and Niantic with respect to services and content.

Without limitation of the previous paragraph, you also have the right to challenge any further dispute if you inform Niantic in writing that you wish within thirty (30) days from the date you termsofservice@nianticlabs.com accept these conditions for the first time. If you do not provide Niantic with an arbitration statement within 30 (30) days, you are deemed to have knowingly and voluntarily waived your right to challenge, unless expressly stipulated in the above (a) and (b) clauses above. Moreover, unless you and Niantic otherwise agree in writing, the arbitrator cannot consolidate more than a person`s claims and cannot, by other means, preside over another form of class or representation procedure.